You Are Feeling Sleepy

If you aren’t, then the next review might make you. The most noticeable thing about the beer I am about to review is its spirally label. In fact, some of my friends called it “That spirally beer” for a long time, and some continue to do so. Regardless, the Magic Hat brewery produces a large number of wonderful ales. I am about to review their flagship “#9” while their somewhat imaginative wheat beer (which I believe is available) is considered their “unfiltered offering” or “UFO” for short. It’s a quirky brewery that generally produces quite good beer. Thus, I give you:

Magic Hat Brewing Co.: #9

(“Not Quite Pale Ale”)

Tasting conditions:
It sat in the fridge for about two months before being drunk, well chilled. Traditional 16oz pint glass. I enjoyed it just after dinner after a day of school. A touch of a cold did impair me a little.

Eye: A nice honey brown beer (“not quite pale,” indeed!). A minimal head appeared on pour, but quickly dissipated. The bottle is traditional brown glass with a somewhat spiral-y “9” logo.

Nose: An ale-y honey meets the nose. Again it wasn’t super obvious, but it was there. A bit of a cold might have impaired my schnoz slightly.
Mouth: My first sip was unpleasant. The first thing I noticed was a bitter front. My second was quite nice. The front end sweetened up. The finish had an almost chocolate flavor, with a honey-caramel in the middle with just a bit of nutmeg.

Conclusion: The first sip was quite a turn off, and despite remembering enjoying the old #9 before, I was prepared to retire to the couch and end the review right there. However, a little perseverance paid of big. While I’m not sure I would keep this beer on hand, if a bar had it, I would certainly order it.


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