August is Wine Month

That’s right! Here at the Dram, I decided to make August wine month in honor of Wine Blogging Wednesday’s four year anniversary. Here is what you can expect in the following month:

  • Wine reviews. Whether you like ’em sparkling, still, fortified, or infused, we’ll be talking about them. The spirit review will be replaced by a fortified wine review, and the usual beer review will be replaced by barleywine.
  • Wine cocktails. That’s right, we’ll be mixing it up with wine, port, and vermouth.
  • The Session. In about…oh, three hours, I’ll be posting a celebratory barleywine (yup, wine again) in honor of this month’s Session.
  • Wine Blogging Wednesday: This month’s theme is getting back to your roots, so only the best kosher wine will do.
  • Mixology Monday: I’ll be digging through the annals of Boston and Chicago mixing to find a good wine-based local cocktail.
  • Experimentation! Yup, I’ll be playing with wine, and other stuff, to try and make interesting cocktails.
For those with other drinks of choice, I will be featuring rum and beer in the coming months, though I may take a month or two off in between.

Don’t change that dial!
The Scribe


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