Wine Blogging Wednesday: The Spectacular

First off, for those of you who are new to the Dram, welcome. This blog chronicles my experimentation with liquor of all types from beer, to booze, to wine. (There is no synonym for wine that begins with a “b” so sadly I could not continue the alliteration.) This month is wine month here at the Dram in honor of the fourth anniversary of Wine Blogging Wednesday, so come, make yourself comfortable, and stay a while.

Four years, wow. That’s a long time on the internet, and even though this is my first post, I am going to make a spectacular of and instead of one posts, as would be usual, I am going to post one post per day for four days. This also quite handily gets around me having three major wine uses in my early life (which might explain my incipient unhealthy fascination with alcohol). So, over the next three days, look for the following posts.

  • Sherry peppers. During my childhood in Bermuda you could get this wonderful condiment anywhere and most families had their own secret recipe. Well, I’m experimenting with my own, since you can’t get Outerbridges in the States very easily.
  • Kosher wines, the highs and lows. As Jews, kosher wine was de rigour at many functions and here I will explore two: Manischewitz concord grape, and Alfasi, a quite acceptable Chilean vintage.
  • My first wine pick. When I was vacationing in Ecuador at the tender age of thirteen, I chose my first wine: Concha y Toro’s Castillero Del Diablo. I’m going to revisit this choice and see just how good or bad it was.

There you have it. My three entries into the world of wine. Check back to this post to get updates, or just stay current on the blog.


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