Big Ol’ Beer

Today I set out to review another leftover from my housemate’s party. The guy who brought over the Sierra Nevada had great taste, and luckily for me, the majority of my housemates like their thin and relatively tasteless. That leaves all the big, bold brews to be imbibed by ahm…there’s no word that describes me that begins with a “B” so I will have to end my alliteration early. All of these “B”‘s are suggestive of the beer I am about to taste, labeled as “Bigfoot.” Since this is wine month here at the Dram, I had to review a barley wine and this is a goody. So, without further ado:

A Full Glass

A Full Glass

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.: 2008 Bigfoot Barley Wine Style Ale – 25th Expedition

Tasting Condition: I enjoyed this brew after a pleasant evening and a nice dinner. I drank this beer cold from the fridge in a 16 oz. English pint-style glass.

Eye: In the glass this ale is a dark, cloudy amber with lots of gorgeous, creamy head. The head has good staying power, suggesting a fair bit of protein. The bottle is much like other Sierra Nevadas in stubby brown glass.

Nose: The nose is mostly hops and cloves with just a hint of mint.

Mouth: This beer is very interesting in the mouth with an almost indescribably, but pleasant flavour. There is a lot of hoppiness on the finish, but the start is very weird. I would almost suggest beef stock as one of the tastes, as well as some interesting spices, including a good bit on ginger, and lots of mint and bay leaf. All together, it is rather interesting.

Conclusion: This is a wonderful beer, and definitely one I am happy to have in the house. With so many thousands of wonderful beers out there, this is not outstanding enough for me to absolutely buy again, but if I saw it in the store, it would certainly complicate my decisionmaking.

Stay brewish,
The Scribe


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