Not Just Any Port in a Storm

Thinking myself particularly refined, I decided to celebrate my 21st with port rather than Champagne. What can I say, humility was never my strong suit. In retrospect, I should have gone with the sparkling. However, I did enjoy my bottle of vintage port, even if I did regret it a little.

Regular readers of my blog (both of you) will note that I am posting a review on Monday, not Wednesday as is my custom. For these theme months, what I am trying to do is to run a line up of items within a similar grouping over the course of a week with a comparison on Wednesday. This week, I’m running fortified wines. I have a port tonight, and then sherry for tomorrow and Thursday.

Bogle Winery: 2000 Vintage Limited Release Port

Tasting Conditions: I enjoyed it fresh from the store. Traditional 8oz brandy snifter. I enjoyed it shortly after lunch on my twenty-first birthday.

Eye: I can’t say too much about this since I have drank port perhaps once before. The legs appear reasonably middling in thickness. The wine itself is a deep ruby red, almost the color of black currant. The bottle itself it quite nice. A traditional desert wine bottle. I will suggest that the plastic fake wax is a pain to get off and in my pulling it off may have damaged the cork.

Nose: The nose it a bit more potent than most of the wines I am used to, in keeping with the fact that it is fortified. One the other hand, it seems relatively grape-y without too much additional flavor.

Mouth: It’s quite sweet, again, in keeping with the fact that it is port, and incredibly smooth. Unlike most sweet wines I have enjoyed, the sweetness is not cloying, and, indeed, is rather pleasant. The end is nice, with a pleasant caramel flavor, while the front, as I mentioned is quite sweet as well, with an almost apricot tinge. In between there is the slightest bite of the alcohol, which tells you what you are drinking.

Conclusion: This is quite nice. I bought it as a treat for myself on my birthday, and, to be honest, it’s a bit outside the price range of what I would get under any other circumstances. However, it’s also extraordinarily good. I don’t have much experience at all with lesser ports, so I cannot make a very good comparison, but I think this bottle will go a bit quicker than it needs to.

Keep it sweet,
The Scribe


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