If You Won’t Do Madeira, M’Dear

Perhaps sherry will lift your cheer? As you ought to know by now, I have been infusing with sherry, trying to make some complex sherry peppers as a sort of spicy cocktail bitter, as well as for cooking. Now, in such an application, starting with something interesting, like a fortified wine or an amber spirit, adds complexity to the finished product. On the other hand, since the end product is going to be basically a complex refined hot sauce (mmm…sherry pepper Buffalo wings…yum!) I wasn’t going to shell out for really good sherry here. I used fairly inexpensive cooking sherry. Of course, I still needed to see how it was, and I was quite surprised. Let’s take a look:

A Glass of Taylor Sherry

A Glass of Taylor Sherry

Taylor Wine Co.: Golden Sherry (New York, USA)

Tasting Conditions: I had this glass of sherry as an evening night cap after a reasonably easy day. While I poured the second to last drink from the bottle, I opened the bottle the same day this review was made for infusion purposes. I drank from a Ministry of Rum tasting glass of six ounces which should still work fine for sherry.

Eye: The wine is a redish amber honey color in the glass. A swirl generated thick, very slow forming legs. The bottle was reasonably attractive with a square-pentagonal label that was not unattractive, even if it was not very elegant. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the wine came with a cork, though it didn’t fit as well as I might have liked.

Nose: The nose was quite sweet with raison and vanilla aromas. It was not particularly complex, certainly not in comparison to some spirits, but I also found some oak in there after a little sniffing.

Mouth: This sherry was everything sherry is supposed to be. In fact, I was rather pleasantly surprised given that I am used to this being a cooking sherry. It is quite sweet, with good grape taste. There was also a hint of vanilla, and none of the oak I got from the nose. To my palate it was a bit watery however. In fact, compared even to some beers, it had a very watered down mouthfeel.

Conclusion: This sherry was surprisingly good, given both the price, and the intended usage. I got a sherry primarily for infusing into sherry peppers, but this sip suggests something that I might get again for an evening sip. It is not necessarily what I would serve to guests, but I suspect that it will work quite well both for myself and as a quoditian aperitif or digestif as well as in a cocktail.

Come back tomorrow for the wrap,
The Scribe


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