Double Up

Well, I have just the tail of that wonderful bottle of Castillero del Diablo, and I’ve been watching the video of the English Invasion over at the Cocktail Spirit. So, wine, tea, and what else? A quick glance over at the CocktailDB suggested the Double Derby, a pleasant summer wine cooler…with a kick.

This wine cooler is cooling, and refreshing. It’s creamy and cool, and lush on the upside. The tea flavour is really quite lost, and the flavours are a bit muddled. I would have preferred them a bit crisper. As I feared, the cream curdled just a tad, but the curdles tended to stick to the ice, so it was okay there. I would have preferred a bit more citrus, perhaps upping the lime a bit. I tried to up the orange, and that didn’t help. I am split over the cream. On the one hand, without it, you loose the lushness which really makes this drink enjoyable, on the other hand, curdled cream is never a good thing. I guess I would shake the cream with the drink, and while you loose the wonderful effect, you also gain the creaminess. Another option might be to layer the bourbon or wine and then the cream on top, ala a pouse cafe. I would be worried about the sugar contents over the lower layer, however, in getting layered properly. If you were to try and layer, I guess I would layer the bourbon separately, not the wine, as you need the colour contrast.

Double Derby

  • 2 oz. – Whiskey (Old Overholt Rye)
  • 2 oz. – Claret (Castillero del Diablo 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon)
  • 2 oz. – Black teal, brewed very dark
  • 1 oz. – Orange Juice
  • .75 oz. – Lime Juice
  • 1 oz. – Blackcurrant Syrup
  • .5 oz. – Cream

Shake it all together very hard, and serve over ice in a large short tumbler of at least 12 oz.

I hope you enjoy,
The Scribe


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