I’m Bound For South Australia

Way back at the beginning of the summer, we had our first nice meal as a house to say goodbye to one of our housemates who was heading home for the summer. It is ironic that I post this review tonight on the eve of her return, but I saved it for a wine month, which was a concept that I was coming to even then. Anyway, this week, we are doing red wines from the southern hemisphere: an Aussie shiraz and a cabernet sauvignon from Chile. Tonight is the shiraz:

McWilliams Wines: 2005 Shiraz (New South Wales, Australia)

McWilliams 2005 Shiraz

McWilliams 2005 Shiraz

Tasting Conditions: We enjoyed this shiraz with a farewell dinner for one of my housemates. It was accompanied by pasta, brisket, and broccoli. I enjoyed it in a standard six ounce wine glass.

Eye: A fairly dark crimson wine in a rather attractive package, though standard. One minor note, I was a bit hard pressed to find the proof of the wine.

Nose: A sweet, grape nose was evident with some berry (raspberry?) as just the slightest hint of citrus.

Mouth: This was especially smooth with barely a hint of bite. It did not come on particularly strong. The berries continued into the mouth though the citrus notes were not evident. It was also perhaps a bit nutty. I would also say this wine was almost chewy in texture. While it was nicely balanced, I would also suggest that it was, perhaps a bit sweet.

Conclusion: This is quite a pleasant vintage. When we got it, it was on special for less than $8. At that price, I would buy many bottles of this wine. It would perhaps be more fitting as a wine with red pasta than a strongly flavoured meat. This would be a great wine for white wine lover to introduce them to the red stuff, which, in fact, was also part of why we got it.

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