An Ocean Between Us

As I compare southern hemisphere reds these two days, I needed, of course, to hit Chile. Chile has been a staple for those of us who enjoy fine wine on a limited budget. Today I bring you a cabernet sauvignon from the Malbec Valley. Let’s take a look:

A Glass of Undurraga

A Glass of Undurraga

Undurraga Wineries: Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 (Chile)

Tasting Conditions: I enjoyed this glass of wine with dinner one night to kick off the week. I had it in a red wine glass of approximately ten ounces volume, though, obviously, I only filled it to the bulge. The wine had been opened a day or two previously and recorked, so a little oxidation had occurred.

Eye: The wine was a dark royal purple in the glass with very slender legs. The bottle was a classic wine bottle, and the label was very square. The label was quite neutral being neither particularly elegant or artistic, nor suggestive of an inferior bottling.

Nose: The nose was surprisingly rough for wine, especially as oxidation usually smoothes out the wine a bit. However, I did get berries, and a bit of apple in the nose, in addition to the usual musty grape.

Mouth: While Cab Sauvs tend to be sweet, this one was especially surprising to me. It was quite sweet, though not to the point of being unpleasant. Otherwise, I got berries, citrus, and wineyness in the first sip and as I was finishing the glass after the meal, I also got mint and spice elements suggestive of oak.

Conclusion: This was certainly an acceptable wine. I have no idea how it priced out, but if it was around my usual wine budget, I would be more than happy to pick up a bottle.


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