September Preview: Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

September is rum month here at the Dram, and boy is it going to be a treat! Here’s all the goodness you can look forward to:

  • Reviews! I have over a dozen rum reviews waiting to be busted out. I’ll be starting with spiced rums, moving on to white rums, then amber mixing rums, and finally my sippers.
  • Cocktails! Rum is an incredibly versatile spirit, and I have lots of different ways to drink it from Scrivenal originals to mixed classics.
  • Monthly Events! We have MxMo coming up with classic 19th Century cocktails and The Session on German brewskis.
  • The Dramproject! This month’s Dramproject will be a spiced or infused rum, though I’m not completely sure whether I am doing an pimento dram or a falernum yet.
  • Bars and partays! I’m going to be hitting up the Boston Music Festival over at Johny D’s, and possibly some other goodness.

It may not seem like too much, but oh will it be good. If you like rum, take a seat and don’t leave.

Here’s to rum,
The Scribe


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