With The Girls of Old Maui

While Foursquare Spiced Rum may be the standardbearer for spiced rum, it is not widely available the States. Even so, the rum I am about to try tonight is supposed to be a good replacement. While I last drank this rum in a fun game of “rum or apple cider” (it was Russian roulette (vodka or water) until we ran out of vodka). However, I have heard wonderful things about this rum, so without further ado, I give you:

Sailor Jerry Ltd.: Spiced Navy Rum

Tasting Conditions: I enjoyed this rum celebrating the start of classes here at school after a long day. While I am suffering from a bit of a stuffy nose from allergies, I think that it was okay. I used Spirit Sippers’ Flare rum glass for this tasting.

Eye: The rum is an amber gold in the glass with thick legs that were slow to form. The bottle was an elegant rum bottle a bubble neck. The label had a Hawaiian dancing girl. The label on the back shared some information about Sailor Jerry Collins for whom this rum is named.

Nose: Vanilla is incredibly prevalent to the point of being overwhelming. Perhaps some other spice elements, such as clove and nutmeg could be playing some supporting roles, with possibly a touch of banana.

Mouth: Neat, this was much rougher than I expected, and the vanilla was much less pronounced than the nose would suggest. There was also some nice sweetness, and some other spices as well. Adding a drop of water, brought forward some nice spice and apple notes. It almost tasted like a nice apple pie ala mode. The last step was to add in some ice. After giving it a minute to cool, I had another sip. While this muddied the flavours, and simplified it to a flatter vanilla profile, it also cut out the burn.

Conclusion: I liked this rum. It could make a nice weeknight sipper and at under $20 per bottle, it is also a good economical dram. This is definitely on my keep stocked list.

Pictures in a jiff.

Here’s to wishing you an awakening in the arms of a wahine with a big fat aching head,

The Scribe


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