Towards Our Island Rum

It’s time for the flavoured rum wrap up. You may recall that I tried Kuya Fusion Rum and the Sailor Jerry Spiced. As even a cursory reading will reveal, the Sailor Jerry was by far the better sipper. I feel that its very strong vanilla notes allow it to be used in place of other vanilla flavoured liqueurs, while the banana and coconut notes of the Kuya were a bit artificial. I feel that outside of piña colada or certain banana drinks the Kuya would be of limited use in mixing. Neither rum, however, provided a truly rummy experience, which I would have hoped for.

Keep on drifting,
The Scribe

PS: As you may have noticed, I have a bit of a theme with these post titles, and am connecting them to the valediction. Bonus points for posting the reference in the comments. If you can’t get the Sailor Jerry/flavoured rum roundup reference, you need help. Cheers! – S


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