Many A Sailorman Gets Drowned

…On good white rum. Now, unfortunately, I picked a bad week for my white rum comparison, which would be this week. See, I take the GRE’s on Friday, so I really shouldn’t drink too much, but what’s a wee dram among friends, right? I couldn’t agree more. So, without further ado, I give you:

Myer’s Rum Company Ltd.: Platinum White Rum

Tasting Conditions: I enjoyed this white rum after a longish day of classes and an early morning weigh in. I sipped it from a Flare-style rum tasting glass. The rum was from a nip (50mL bottle) that had been sitting around for a few months. While I suffered from minor allergies, I think my nose was reasonably clear.

Eye: The rum is a completely clear white in the bottle and the glass. This is in contrast to many “white” rums that are aged and are colored an off white or pale cream. The rum exhibited reasonably quick forming thick legs. The packaging was a bit on the gaudy side, bucking the trend towards more elegant rum labels.

Nose: The nose is distinctly “rummy” with strong molasses tones. I also got just a bit of burn, which, given this glass is rather staggering.

Mouth: The main test. Neat, this rum was just a touch sweet on the front and then quite smooth and neutral on the transition and finish. While additional sips did allow me to get molasses and some other sweet-spice notes, this rum was super subtle and by and large neutral. Luckily for me, despite the burn in the nose, it was quite smooth in the mouth. Adding a bit of water did basically nothing. It actually lost smoothness, though it did gain a slight citrus note, but not a particularly pleasant one. Adding in an ice cube for the final sip made this rum quite palatable. Spice, vanilla, caramel, and molasses come to the fore.

Conclusion: I am not particularly a fan. It’s pretty close to molasses vodka. While adding ice brought out a lot of flavour, some of it even good flavour, it was still not a sipper. For mixing it could be okay, but I would prefer a rum with more of a rum character to mixing and not a subtle one-dimensional quasi-vodka.

So roll and go, and I’ll see you tomorrow,
The Scribe


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