I’ll Go Down to Molasses

As some of you know, Cruzan and discontinued their two year old white rum and replaced it with a fourteen month old version. When I heard the news, I rushed out to procure this rum which is widely regarded as one of the best white rums available. After getting the fifth I tasted from, I later ran across several handles at prices I could not refuse. The end result is that, in contrast with the conclusion from this review which suggests that this will not be a staple rum, I now have sufficient supplies to see me through most likely the end of next year. Let’s take a look at a rum that deserved such a treatment:

This is a bit strong for pinot grigio...
This is a bit strong for pinot grigio…

Cruzan Rum Distillery Co.: Estate Light Rum (2 Years Old)

Tasting Conditions: I tasted the Estate Light after a long day at work in celebration of a new contract that would allow me to quit the job I had been in. I used an official Ministry of Rum rum tasting glass which is a stemmed tulip glass of approximately six to eight ounces capacity. The glass is similar to an old white wine glass. The bottle was more or less fresh from the store, and this was the first sip.

Eye: Sitting in the bottle, you could easily mistake this for a very pale white wine. However in the glass, it is crystal clear with thick legs that are slow to form. The bottle is quite understated and classy. It is a wine bottle with a barque embossed on it. The Cruzan emblem is oval and elegant. Below is a rectangular label containing the age statement and a brief blurb explaining why aged white rum is important.

Nose: The nose is quite clean with light molasses and vanilla notes standing out. Behind that is just the slightest hint of perhaps banana, or maybe citrus.

Mouth: The first sip was quite smooth. While it was quite subtle in general, I got a lot of vanilla on the finish. The front had some nice sweet notes going on. They didn’t taste particularly of anything other than sweet. Not even of sugar. There was just a hint of bitterness in the middle, which could have been the darker side of the molasses I smelled. Adding a dash of water made the rum smoother, if that was possible. It also brought out a lot of fruitiness. The fruitiness was primarily pineapple, with maybe a hint of orange to support it. With trepidation, I added the ice. The ice really brought out the vanilla, moving it to the fore. It also suppressed the bitter middle. It also lessened the fruit aspects, though they were still there.

Conclusion: This is an extraordinary white rum. I am not a big believer in sipping white goods, but this is one white rum which I could almost see doing that with. As an aside for chocolate lovers, it played quite nicely with a square of Monbana Choclatier’s 53% cacao dark chocolate. The vanilla notes were quite nice. While I doubt this will be my staple white rum, that is only because I am trying to keep my collection small, and thus will only have one or two whites on hand at any time. I do, however, need to try the new Estate Light and see how it compares.

Enjoy that molasses rum,
The Scribe


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