For the Shores of Sweet Barbados

This week is gold mixing rums. We’ll be playing with some of the biggest names this week: Mount Gay, Appleton, and navy rum. First up, is a rum that is near and dear to my heart. I’ve said it before, but some rums are well known for the support they give to the sport of sailing. This is a rum I have been drinking as a sailor for a good long time. This rum, if you haven’t guessed yet is:

Will this rum eclipse its competitors?
Will this rum eclipse its competitors?

Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd.: Eclipse Gold Rum

Tasting Conditions: I enjoyed this rum as an evening digestif while watching the Olympics, and contemplating the possibility of an Olympic campaign of my own (this is strangely appropriate given Mount Gay’s sponsorship of all sorts of sailing). This was the first pour from a fresh bottle. I used a Spirit Sippers Flare rum glasss for this tasting.

Eye: In the glass, this spirit was a light gold with middling thin legs. The bottle has a bubble and the text printed on the label over a map of Barbados from whence hails this spirit. Just to remind you that Mount Gay is the oldest rum distillery in the world, the bottle is embossed with the words “SINCE 1703.” All together a befitting presentation.

Nose: The nose is remarkably smooth, though this may be due to the glass as I have found the flare to really cut down the burn. The aroma is reminiscent of honey with notes of banana and pineapple. Further sniffing did reveal just a touch of burn, but very slight.

Mouth: This rum was quite sweet on the tongue with a surprising burn on the back end that, while surprising was more of a shock than anything else. The flavour was very honeyed with a large dose of berries and banana as well as just a touch of orange and the slightest note of oak and mesquite. Adding water back, smoothed out the back, but the burn came up to the front side, which was rather strange. The whole rum really lost any distinctive flavours and just became kind of generically rummy. I’m kind of afraid the ice, but I gamely added it in and waited a few minutes to let the drink cool, even though the ice kind of overwhelmed the lower globe. The ice really removed any flavour other than a bit of alcoholic burn.

Conclusion: To be fair, this rum really isn’t meant for sipping, and while you can get away with sipping some rums in this price range, it’s very touch and go. I got this rum for mixing, and it performs in that role quite well. It makes a wonderful punch, swizzle, and even a good mojito. This is a keeper, though I get many of my bottles free as trophies in sailboat racing, but during the winter, I’ll pay for a bottle or two.

Fair winds to the island,
The Scribe


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