Young Man, You’re Rather High

So two days ago we covered the Temptryst Peachwood, and tonight we get to see another Au Natural product. This of all the Au Natural products, this has gotten the best reviews, so I am quite excited to try it. I give you:

Au Natural Spirits Co.: Temptryst Hickory Rum

Tasting Conditions: I enjoyed this fine rum after a day of hard sailing in storm conditions, soaked to the skin, and chilled to the bone, cuddled up, warm, and watching the debates. In the interests of full disclosure, I did not pay for this bottle of rum, but rather it was sent to me for a review. I used a flare style rum glass from Spirit Sippers for this tasting.

Eye: The rum is a pleasant honey colour with a swirl revealing slow forming, stout, manly legs. The bottle is pyramidal and elegant with a non-production simple industrial label. I don’t know what the final packaging will be, but I would encourage Au Natural to keep the bottle shape.

Nose: There is a very sweet nose, with a pronounced aroma of hickory, with tempered well with maple syrup. In fact, I might even say that the maple syrup aroma really dominated the nose quite heavily.

Mouth: This was fairly smooth, definitely well within what I would consider a sipper, but close to the border. The best I can describe the base flavour is the maple syrup I got from the nose, but not quite as sweet as maple syrup, though still on the sweeter end of rum. This was tempered by a large variety of spice including cinnamon, vanilla, and cloves. In addition there were some nice fruit notes with apple the most prominant. Adding in some water revealed a wonderful hickory smokiness on the finish. In fact, the water really brought the hickory to the fore. For a second, it was almost unpleasant as I felt like I was breathing in thick hickory smoke. The water took this from a good rum, to an amazing one. Last, I dare the ice cube. After waiting a minute for the rum to cool, I had a sip and found that the ice cube really supressed much of the complexity that was brought out by the water, and left this a fairly smoky, almost Scotch-like rum on the rocks. In fact, I might have been able to fool a friend into thinking this was whiksky on the rocks.

Conclusion: This is a wonderful rum. Truly outstanding. If this is being sold at under $30, I will try and keep this stocked. Really quite good. Definitely one of the tastier rums I have had the pleasure of trying.

So here’s to a rovin’ fair,
The Scribe


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