That Clear Crystal Fountain

A while back, as I mentioned, Spirit Sippers sent me their full line of…well…Spirit Sippers. Here I review their rum glass:

So you've seen this already? It's still my best shot of the Flare.

So you've seen this already? Yes, and? It's still my best shot of the Flare.

Spirit Sippers Inc.: The Flare Rum Tasting Glass

Eye: The glass has a gorgeous hourglass shape. While I did not get much of a presentation, it was shipped with lots of padding wrapped in tissue paper and then two large pieces of bubble wrap.

Nose: I found this glass to be wonderful. I will slowly taste a variety of rums in it to see how rougher rums fare, but with the El Dorado 15, the nose was completely smooth in the Flare, but a London dock glass provided a noticeably rough nose. In the Pampero Aniversario was similarly smooth, and much fruitier than my notes indicated from a snifter.

Hand: This is my only complaint about this glass. I would have preferred a bit more of a stem. While the glass is elegant enough without the stem, I think a bit more stem would provide additional ability to control the temperature of the glass, as well as a more comfortable hold.

Numbers: The bowl holds about .75 oz, and if you put the glass on its side, it will hold about a third of an ounce. If you were to fill it to the brim, it would hold 5 oz.

Addendum: I have been using this glass for most of my neat rum drinking, and all of my rum reviewing, and it has been wonderful. I feel that any rum you want to sip will come through clearer with this than at least any basic tasting glass (a short tumbler, a London dock glass, or an European-style whisky glass). I feel that some rums would probably fair better in other styles of glass. For example, a smoky rum might do better in a chimney-style whisky glass than this. Given that rum is such a varied spirit in comparison to a most other commonly drunk distillates, I think that the Flare does well at capturing them and presenting their variation.

Conclusion: I like this glass. It has a gorgeous elegant shape. If only it had a slightly longer stem, it might well be the perfect glass

So hand me the punch ladle, and I’ll fill up my flare,
The Scribe


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