So It Turns Out There’s a First Life

I intended that this month should be beer month, but, unfortunately Real Lifeā„¢ intervened. First off, I didn’t realize how quick the Session was coming up, so I missed that. Then the Jewish High Holidays, specifically Yom Kipur, meant that this week was pretty much a bust. Between spending today getting ready for the post-fast meal, and then “festivities” starting up tomorrow, especially since I’m shomer on Yom Kipur (I don’t use a computer, turn on lights, or pretty much anything other than study and pray), it more or less kills the week. Then I’ll be away doing Peak Weekend (a large group climbs all the peaks in New Hampshire over 4000 ft) over the long weekend hitting the Kinsmans, so that’s out. I’ll try and be back to regular posting after that.

Stay tuned,
The Scribe


I Like Beer, You Like Beer, We All Like Beer!

To borrow from Freddie R. That’s right. This month at the Dram is beer month in honor of Oktoberfest, which, of course, actually happens in September… Anyway. I have some good stuff on tap for you this month:

  • Reviews: Of course, it wouldn’t be beer month without beer reviews, and I got plenty of ’em just waiting to make an appearance.
  • Bars: I’m hoping to swing by the Publick House, and possibly the Sunset Grill for some brews.
  • Breweries: I swung by the Harpoon Brewery the other day, and probably the Sam Adams Brewery as well.
  • Cocktails: I am deeply intrigued by beer cocktails, and now I’ll get a chance to try some out.
  • Monthly Events: The Session and MxMo should be fun again this month.

So stick around and enjoy,
The Scribe