The Reports of My Death

Are, indeed, greatly exaggerated.  Unfortunately I got caught in a perfect storm of holidays, sports, school, and organizing an academic conference. Now that is all behind us. What can you expect for this month?

  • Monthly Events. The Session should be up later tonight. MxMo is coming up on Monday, and what all else.
  • Reviews. I’m long due for a few. I’m not sure what it will be yet, but I have an even dozen beers waiting to be reviewed, as well as a bottle each of whisky and rum.
  • Festivals, Tastings, and Brewery Tours. I still need to get the Harpoon Brewery up. Tomorrow is the Downtown Wine and Spirits beer, wine, and spirits tasting, so I’ll be there for that. I’m hoping to get down to the Sam Adams brewery one of these days.
  • Cocktails. Beyond MxMo, I’ll hopefully whip up some yumminess.
  • More, More, More!

In proof that the sea may one day give up its dead,
The Scribe


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