Anouncing Mixology Monday: New Horizons

Hello everyone, and welcome to A Mixed Dram. I’m hosting this month, and I think you will enjoy our topic this month. I know that we tend to do what is familiar to us, and I am no less a victim of this than anyone else, often even more. My first several cocktails were basically sours, and then my next several were little more than old fashioneds. Well, today I issue you a challenge: Try something new!

In just about a month, January 19th, we can all meet here and discuss our explorations. What sort of explorations? I’m glad you asked. Here are just a few thoughts:

  • Try a new base spirit. Never mixed with Tequila? Give it a try. If you’ve never made a beer cocktail or a wine cocktail, why not give it a shot? What about something really exotic? How about aquardiente from the Caribbean or arrack from the Middle East? (Okay, so that’s basically rum and anisette, but you get the drift.)
  • Use a technique you’ve never used before. Ever been itching to give molecular mixology a shot? Now’s your chance. Ever been eager to infuse vodka or spice rum, or toss fruit and spices in something else? Here’s your excuse. Been reading about those really cool and wacky purees infused with spices and herbs and other flavourings, or some other cool culinary technique? I challenge you to bring it here next month.
  • Now some of you are saying “I already do all of that.” (Mssrs. Boudreau, Morgenthaller, and others, I’m looking squarely at you.) Well, guess what? If you you are creative enough to use every conceivable base spirit, and creative enough to use every commonly used technique, then you are creative enough to come up with something.

So, I will see you as the month goes on. I am giving you a full month to prepare in case you need time to prep infusions or something. There will be a follow-up post as we get closer to the day to remind people and to serve as a place to put your posts. As a side note to my more regular readers, this month, Mixology Monday will be taking the place of the January Dramproject, but it will be back in February.

Happy mixing,

The Scribe


29 Responses

  1. i just posted this on MoR Recipe and then i read this so i thought i would post it here for you:

    * 2 Oz Batavia Arrack
    * 3\4 oz Aguardiente
    * 3 Cardamom pods
    * 1/4 Lemon
    * 1 Tablespoon of Passion Fruit Syrup

    Crush cardamom pods fresh (or a pinch of ground) Squeeze lemon hard and drop the whole thing into the shaker with everything else, and Shake vigorously, double strain into Old Fashioned Glass with several ice cubes

  2. is it on the 19th or 12th? the mxmo site lists 12th but since you’re the host you’d know best.

    • Just to clarify, it’s on the 19th. Apparently, Paul or I had a miscommunication. Or perhaps that was in place before. Anywho, we both agree it’s on the 19th. I’ll see about getting it changed on
      Cheers. – S

  3. […] Hosted by the Scribe at A Mixed Dram, this round takes place Monday, January 19 (NOT January 12, as was previously noted). From the host’s announcement: […]

  4. I’ve posted a submission for the next round of MxMo. Thanks for hosting — and what a great theme.



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  6. […] This month’s Mixology Monday is hosted by The Scribe on his blog A Mixed Dram.  The theme is, “New Horizons“. […]

  7. Woops, scheduled my MxMo post the 12th. Well, my post is up very early.

    The Dog

  8. I’ve posted my submission for MxMo XXXV. Thanks for hosting. Your topic truly inspired a great time.

  9. […] months Mixology Monday is hosted by A Mixed Dram, thank you for hosting! We get a good portion of freedom of imagination and also a challenge here […]

  10. Here is my post!

    Thanks for hosting and for such a fun topic!


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  12. can’t find your email address anywhere to send thru the link!

    here’s my details:
    from Morsels & Musings in Sydney, Australia

  13. Here’s another for you. Thanks for hosting.

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  15. Hello world 🙂

    I realy broaden my horizons! I beat my fear! And I did it!!! 🙂

    My first cocktail with raw eqq is White Lady!!! It is perfect!

    Thanks for host!

  16. My post is up, 30 minutes before the end of Monday in my time zone no less!

    Thanks for hosting. Cheers!

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  18. […] The theme of the January MxMo is Change. How appropriate, right? New horizons, new ideas, change. Our challenge, from the anonymous Scribe of A Mixed Dram, is appropriate–to simply “Try something new!“ […]

  19. […] candidate for this month’s Mixology Monday: New Horizons, hosted by the anonymous Scribe of A Mixed Dram. Encouraged to sample a new spirit (amber vermouth, check!) or a new technique (carbonating tea […]

  20. and here’s ours!

    French Sin (avec Noilly Prat Ambre)

  21. […] month’s MxMo is being hosted by the Scribe, over at A Mixed Dram. His theme this month is Broaden Your Horizons. The idea is that we must write about something new to us in the cocktail world. Something we […]

  22. Scribe,

    Mine’s a little late. I hope you haven’t gotten too far on the wrapup. If I’m in time, here it is.

  23. […] first entry this month comes courtesy of Forrest from the Ministry of Rum forums. He suggests an Orangutan. Since he features aguartiente, he gets bonus […]

  24. My friend on Facebook shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed at all that I came to your blog.

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