MxMo Clarification

mxmologo Hey all. Just a quick note. Mixology Monday for January will take place on January 19th, not the 29th as the announce post originally claimed. I’m guessing that was a typo, as the 29th is not actually Monday. Given that I wrote the post something like two months ago when I originally learned I was hosting, I have no idea what was going through my head. Anyway, see you all on the 19th.

Gentlemen, start your mixing,
The Scribe


7 Responses

  1. The MxMo website has it listed as the 12th though. Perhaps you should shoot them an email.

    • Thanks for letting me know. I’m sure Paul is just a bit busy this season.
      Cheers. – S

  2. Hey there scribe,

    I can’t find any contact info for you, so here goes my Mixology Monday Entry for Broaden your Horizons. Thanks for hosting!

  3. Hey, my computer crashed and took my draft with it. I’ll have to rewrite it and post it late tonight. Hope that’s cool.

    It WILL be at

  4. Hi scribe! My name is scomorokh. I am from Science of Drink Blog.

    This my post for this MxMo:


  5. In my Mixology Monday entry I tried an ingredient that I hadn’t ever seen used in a cocktail before.

  6. I’m obviously missing the roundup. It will be noon tomorrow before I get my stuff posted. So sorry about that. Dont’ wait for me on the roundup, I’ll post tomorrow and link to it.

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