Mixology Monday is Here!

mxmologoHello, hello. Welcome one and all to my blog. Today is Mixology Monday and our theme for the day is Broaden Your Horizons. I encourage you to use a technique ingredient or something you haven’t used before. I already have about twenty entries, and can’t wait for you all to bring in more. If you haven’t posted your entry, you can leave a comment here with your entry. I’ll try and have the roundup posted by Wednesday, so if you don’t get it in tonight you have just a little more time. Feel free to take a look around while you are here.

Enjoy your new horizons,
The Scribe


21 Responses

  1. Not sure if it has come to your attention, but… my post is up here: http://drinksnob.wordpress.com/2009/01/16/mxmo-xxxv-broaden-your-horizons/


  2. My first Mixology Monday!

  3. Hi..I’m not to sure what to you ment of trying a new technique! I want to learn how to get a glass the hoar stye…Thank you.. Tonymojito..(Philly)

  4. A little change never hurt anyone, right? Check out these odd martini ingredients:


    There is a photo of the cocktail on my site; feel free to lift it for your use.

    Thanks for hosting!

  5. Thanks for hosting, here’s my contribution:

  6. Hey there The Scribe — here’s mine:

    Thanks for hosting!

  7. Thank you for hosting.

    My MxMo post is at

    Bruce Tomlinson

  8. We’ve leapt into the fray with some outrageous ingredients:

    (p.s. Scribe, you’re going to love the new Galliano Balsamico when it hits the market. We got to try it at Montgomery Place in London on New Year’s Eve and are eager to see all the great drinks it & its two siblings, the reformulated Galliano and the Ristretto, generate).

  9. Here’s my entry:


    Can’t wait to see what the rest have come along with…

  10. Thank you for hosting.

    You’ll find my post on:


    Joerg Kalinke / Germany

  11. Hi, my MxMo is up at beersintheshower.blogspot.net,

  12. sorry, beersintheshower.blogspot.com

  13. OK, I was wrong about my URL, it’s http://rumdood.com/archive/2009/01/20/mixology-monday-broaden-your-horizons.aspx

    Sorry I’m late…feel free to punish me in any appropriate fashion that doesn’t involve Blair’s fashion.

  14. Hi! This my post:


    scomorokh from ukraine

    Thanks for hosting!

  15. Here’s mine,

    I posted on the announcement post



  16. I have a photo of you with a link to your site.
    Just wanted to let you know


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