Mixology Monday: How Have You Changed?

mxmologoToday, at least in America, was a day of change. It was therefore surprisingly fitting that our theme for Mixology Monday was, to put it simply, change. Despite the fact that Obama lives in my neighbourhood, and Sasha and Malia went to the same school I did, this theme was completely unintentional, and, indeed, set long before the election. Before I leave the topic of Obama, I would suggest an amazing drinking game for you. Turn on the news as you read this post, and take a sip every time the word “historic” is said. The challenge is to be only mildly suggestable by the time you get to the end of this post.

With that out of the way, I would like to thank the thirty two people who submitted for this month’s Mixology Monday and broadened their horizons.

I got the privilege of playing with new ingredients, new techniques, and new uses for that most dear of all old ingredients, bitters when I made the Espresso Stout cocktail.

Our first entry this month comes courtesy of Forrest from the Ministry of Rum forums. He suggests an Orangutan. Since he features aguartiente, he gets bonus poitns.

rejiggeredNext up we have Shawn from Rejiggered who gives us his take on Nog…a-nog-a-nog. It looks like it would hit the spot on a cold day…and provide good incentive to go to the gym the next day.

Congratulations to Eric Flannstead over at the Underhill Lounge who is broadening his horizons by becoming a bar tender at Heaven’s Dog. I hope you enjoy the experiences.

Reese the Cocktail Hacker had a particularly apropriate post. He tried out beer. Since the Dram not only talks cocktails, but beer as well, I’m glad I could convert you just a little bit, and that photo of all your beers makes my mouth water.

The ever lovely Tiarre takes A Mountain of Crushed Ice on a posh trip to India with experiments in Indian spices. I am very interested in seeing how that cumin syrup turned out. Suffice it to say that an Indian Sunrise ain’t your garden variety mango lassi.

My fellow Somervillian (or is that Somervillain?) Fredric over at Cocktail Virgin Slut broadened his horizons all right. He tried the Knickebein wich seems a bit like the love child of a pousse cafe and a Rocky Mountain oyster. He says the egg yolk wasn’t that bad. While I enjoy a soft yolk in my fried eggs, I still reserve judgement.

Over at Drink of the Week they are enjoying a cherry sling margarita. It certainly seems like an interesting flavour combination. Unfortunately, I have no idea where to procure cherry juice, or cherries, so this will have to wait until either I get some cherry sling mix or summer to bring her bounty.

Anna from Morsels and Musings has a very, very green cocktail. It is based on kiwi-aloe vera juice, which I need to try, and pear-infused vodka to make an Aloe Pera. Seriously. This cocktail is green. I don’t know where you can get the juice on which this is based outside of the Oz, but if I can find it, I want to mix with it.

Trader Tiki trades a very green drink for a very yellow one. His Cadillac Coupe allows him to use Tequilla as an ingredient, and he pairs it with Grand Marnier to make this intriguing beverage. I am really glad Blair rose to the challenge and found it profitable.

Tristan at Wild Drink tried out brandy butter after rejecting potatoes, peas, garlic, and a tea cup. I am a bit disapointed he didn’t try using a tea cup as an ingredient. Maybe if you used it as a powder it would be more palatable? Regardless, he comes up with the stomach warming Pie, Splash, and Liquor which sounds like a perfect pick-me-up on a cold day.

Jon over at ednbrg sends in his regrets that he is unable to participate. It’s not too late, Jon! I’ll be taking entries all month.

Sonja over at Thinking of Drinking plays with Chartreuse VEP, combining it with gin and other playmates to give us not one but TWO cocktails, and both look delicious. The Emerald Cocktail adds the liqueur to a Gin and It, and you’ll have to visit Sonja’s blog for the other. =)

Scomorkh over at Science of Drink conquers his unscientific fear of egg white. Might I suggest a Knickebein as your next cocktail? If you aren’t ready, then take your time and drink a few more of those delicious looking White Ladies to get your courage up.

Over at Oh Gosh!, Jay goes beyond the call of duty. Since his blog already explores all sorts of new horizons, he explores a new country! While in Amsterdam, he visited Herrie and the barkeep gave him the libation he shares with us: the Holland House cocktail.

If you take a seat at My Aching Head you’ll find your head aching due to cocktails made with Advokaat. Today’s choice? A modification of the Fluffy Duck called the Fiery Dick which seems like an homage to the Tom Collins. This just reminds us that while the snow is three feet deep in my driveway, in Oz the sun is shining bright.

Causabon over at Iceland Spar seems to be on the same wavelength as me. We both are trying to keep our names out of search engines, and we both are mixing with condiments. In this case, soy sauce is used with a variety of liqueurs to produce a delicious looking cocktail. I really want to try his Secret Ingredient cocktail.

The Drink Snob plays around with Maraschino, as well as giving us an informative lesson in its history. As a side note for fans, did you know that the cordial is pronounced mah-rah-skeeno while the syrup-preserved cherries are pronounced mah-rah-sheeno? Meanwhile, the Snob sets the bar high with a full three cocktails. You’ll have to head over to his blog to learn which ones.

Over at Yoga and Gimlets, our intrepid writer is learning to tend bar. After working as a brand rep for almost two decades in the spirits business, the yogi decided it was time she actually learned to make drinks, and I couldn’t agree more. Welcome to our party!

Darcy over at the Art of Drink wins my medal for coolest looking drink. Instead of merely frosting the rim of her drink with sugar, she frosts the entire glass. This gives the rimey effect to the eponomous hoar frost cocktail. It looks amazing!

Mike over at A Dash of Bitters pulls out a bottle of Ramazzotti for his new endeavours. He combines many of my favourite things into a single glass: bourbon, sherry, bitters, Cointreau, and, of course, Ramazzotti to make the Chaplin. I guess he just gave me something to add to my wishlist of things to try.

After trying to make a cocktail with stout, Paul decided it wasn’t working. He instead tried using the Italian fizante Muscato d’Asti to make the Wink. The cocktail is simple, and looks delicious.  I like using snow as the background for this picture. Quite clever.

Over at the Scofflaw’s Den, Marshall decides to try sherry. After making a Chaplin, he also makes both an Adonis and a Dewy D. All three look delicious, and I would drink them down in an instant. I happen to have a bottle of the very same Osbourne Amontillado that Marshal was using, and the anchorman just said “historical” so you’ll just have to excuse me for a second.

Okay, hic, I’m back. Felicia made us a martini tonight. What’s special about that? The garnish. Watermellon radish. I have never seen a watermellon radish before, but they look gorgeous. I may have tried to reach through my computer screen to try one. It didn’t work out so well. Since she cleverly passworded her photos, you’ll have to take a look at her red martini to see the photos.

Jacob Grier is unhappy about the fact that pipes are no longer allowed in even cigar bars in Oregon. How does he vent his anger? The same way he broadens his horizons. He makes an air infusion of vermouth and uses it to make a Manhattan, or, rather a Ceci N’est Pas Une Pipe. You know what they say in Delta house, don’t get mad, get drunk.

Sean, other law scoffer, takes a different tack. He tries for the same sort of egg-and-pouse-cafe combo as the “virgin.” However, while Fredrick got a result on the pouse cafe side, Sean’s version turned out like the Rocky Mountain oyster. Instead he infuses a simple syrup to make a vanilla Sazerac.

Bruce from WorldWideDrinks decides to also go the vinegar route. His involves a shrub. While he at first makes an almost impotable concocktion, he perserveres. The third time is the charm and his rasbery shrub pairs beautifully with applejack  to make an applejack shrub.

Dinah and Joe, the Bibulous team decided to use the brandy-based Pimm’s No. 3 (Pimm’s Winter) to make a Winter Willow. In order to taunt us with a delicious cocktail we may never make, however, they used willow water as a key ingredient. Darn you Dinah and Joe!

Over at Rookie Libations, Chris gets creative with powders to make a delicious rimming blend. He then winterizes the summery Ramos gin fizz with applejack to produce the winter stagg fizz. Despite my issues making a Ramos, I might have to try this gem.

I did it! I managed to get Paul to break his new year’s resolution and post again! He pulls himself out of the rum-rye-gin rut that so many of use are in (in my case it’s just a rum rut), and gets down the bottle of Scotch to make a penicillin cocktail.

Drinkmix takes a trip to Japan this month offering jasmine tea, ginger, and, most importantly shochu in a hot cocktail he calls the beautiful jasmine. It seems like an interesting play on hot sake. I have none of those ingredients, well, except ginger, but I want this cocktail. Note that there is an English translation bellow the German.

That’s interesting, staying in Japan we find KL in the bar next door! He won’t be staying long as he is taking Beers in the Shower on a tour of Asia following the inspiration for his entry this month, the Mekong Wagtail. Grab a bottle of Soju/Shochu, and put both of these drinks together.

Last, but my no means least, the RumDood is mixing with Chartreuse. He gets his inspiration from the Mixoleum where, in what almost sounds like Truth or Dare, he is “inspired” to combine it with all sorts of deliciousness to make the Chocolate Raindance.

Apologies to the Married With Dinner team for leaving their entry off. They broadened their horizons by taking a trip across the pond. When they saw the variety of ingredients there, they were stunned, and it was all brought together for them by a trip to the Connaught Bar where they sampled the French Sin. Since the folks there provided them with the recipes, they passed it on to us.

Also, Chris, from Cocktailwelten makes a Riceflower cocktail. I don’t read German, so I can’t tell you much more than that. I am pretty sure it features sake, and I believe it may also have rosewater and perhaps some sort of ginger device. Anyway, check it out.

Oops. Still one more. Sorry Stevi. Over at Two at the Most, Stevi is playing with Tequila. If my experience with that diabolical spirit is anything to go by, it should definitely be two at the most. Anyway, Stevi seems to do pretty well by the agave distilate and comes up with the Panamique.

Well, that’s it. I’m glad we had so many entries. The only problem with everyone broadening their horizons is how many ingredients we need to replicate it.

If there are any problems, let me know in the comments. Also, if you have yet to get your entry in, I will keep the door open until next month’s MxMo hosted by Matt at Rowley’s Whiskey Forge.

Until then, for all of you playing along at home, just pretend I’m Tina Fey:




I hope you all enjoyed this month,
The Scribe

11 Responses

  1. Hi,

    here is my mxmo-psting ; i forgott too tell you the link sorry^^


    the first ime i mixeed whit sake 🙂

    greatings from germany

  2. what a drink….ha ha

  3. OMG! Scribe is really great job! Thnx for some warm words and extremelly interesting advice 🙂 I feel sick at the mere thought of Knickebein…

  4. If I knew that you were just around the corner, I would’ve invited you over to partake of the knickebein! Cheers.

  5. I think we got skipped 😦

    (I did post a comment on the other post, I swear!)

  6. I should add that if you’re interested in mixing more with Balsamic vinegar I discovered that it combines surprisingly well with soy sauce too. (An earlier experiment with the ingredient added about a 1/2 oz of soy sauce/balsamic vinegar mixture and a dash of bitters to a Bronx, which gives it a surprising depth of flavor.) Also see here: http://icelandspar.wordpress.com/2008/01/26/next-big-thing-vermouth-cocktails/

  7. Scribe,

    I missed the deadline by about an hour, but posted a link on the original announcement.
    I can haz link?

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