The Reports of My Death

Are, indeed, greatly exaggerated.  Unfortunately I got caught in a perfect storm of holidays, sports, school, and organizing an academic conference. Now that is all behind us. What can you expect for this month?

  • Monthly Events. The Session should be up later tonight. MxMo is coming up on Monday, and what all else.
  • Reviews. I’m long due for a few. I’m not sure what it will be yet, but I have an even dozen beers waiting to be reviewed, as well as a bottle each of whisky and rum.
  • Festivals, Tastings, and Brewery Tours. I still need to get the Harpoon Brewery up. Tomorrow is the Downtown Wine and Spirits beer, wine, and spirits tasting, so I’ll be there for that. I’m hoping to get down to the Sam Adams brewery one of these days.
  • Cocktails. Beyond MxMo, I’ll hopefully whip up some yumminess.
  • More, More, More!

In proof that the sea may one day give up its dead,
The Scribe


I Like Beer, You Like Beer, We All Like Beer!

To borrow from Freddie R. That’s right. This month at the Dram is beer month in honor of Oktoberfest, which, of course, actually happens in September… Anyway. I have some good stuff on tap for you this month:

  • Reviews: Of course, it wouldn’t be beer month without beer reviews, and I got plenty of ’em just waiting to make an appearance.
  • Bars: I’m hoping to swing by the Publick House, and possibly the Sunset Grill for some brews.
  • Breweries: I swung by the Harpoon Brewery the other day, and probably the Sam Adams Brewery as well.
  • Cocktails: I am deeply intrigued by beer cocktails, and now I’ll get a chance to try some out.
  • Monthly Events: The Session and MxMo should be fun again this month.

So stick around and enjoy,
The Scribe

August is Wine Month

That’s right! Here at the Dram, I decided to make August wine month in honor of Wine Blogging Wednesday’s four year anniversary. Here is what you can expect in the following month:

  • Wine reviews. Whether you like ’em sparkling, still, fortified, or infused, we’ll be talking about them. The spirit review will be replaced by a fortified wine review, and the usual beer review will be replaced by barleywine.
  • Wine cocktails. That’s right, we’ll be mixing it up with wine, port, and vermouth.
  • The Session. In about…oh, three hours, I’ll be posting a celebratory barleywine (yup, wine again) in honor of this month’s Session.
  • Wine Blogging Wednesday: This month’s theme is getting back to your roots, so only the best kosher wine will do.
  • Mixology Monday: I’ll be digging through the annals of Boston and Chicago mixing to find a good wine-based local cocktail.
  • Experimentation! Yup, I’ll be playing with wine, and other stuff, to try and make interesting cocktails.
For those with other drinks of choice, I will be featuring rum and beer in the coming months, though I may take a month or two off in between.

Don’t change that dial!
The Scribe

What’s Coming Up In July

Wow! Another month down already. How quick it all goes. So it’s now July. I have lots of great stuff coming up in the coming month as well. Hopefully as I get unpacked this blog will hit its stride and do all I promised to do. In the next month you can expect:
  • Bar reviews! I have been to some good bars, and hope to go to some more goodies. Of course, I will let you learn from my triumphs and mistakes.
  • Booze reviews! That’s right. I have even more products coming your way with the full Scrivenal treatment.
  • More cocktails! I am working on something for my parent’s anniversary, decoding and balancing the cocktails presented at the Chicago rum event, and, of course, creating my own drinks for your enjoyment.
  • Molecular Mixology! Yes, I know I have been making promises for the last several months, but I’m hoping to fulfill those promises soon. I’m making “caviar” either tomorrow or the next day, and hopefully I’ll bring it to bear on drinks.
  • Mixology Monday and the Session! I have some ideas to make some interesting stuff for the two regular drinks bloging events I take part in every month.
  • And, of course, even more!

To a healthy month,
The Scribe

PS: My apologies on spelling in this post. Not only had I just gotten back from a wonderful bar, but I was also having computer difficulties.

What’s Coming in June

Hello my faithful readers. It’s the first day of the month, so I thought I’d give you some idea about what is coming up in the blog:
  • Reviews! I have reviews already written up and posted for Gosling’s Black Seal, Bogle’s limited release port, and Smuttynose’s pumpkin ale. I may also offer another rum review (Rhum Barbancourt), or possibly a review or Irish whikey or a bourbon, as well as another beer.
  • I will be joining the Session, the monthly beer bloging event, with a brief discussion of the London Beer & Cider Festival.
  • Depending on when a formal posting of this month’s MxMo goes up, I have some thoughts on Bourbon, this month’s topic. On the other hand, I’m not entirely sure if I’ll be able to mix up too much that’s very new for this month. I may have to go with something more tried and tested. We’ll see.
  • I’ll be finishing up my series on my trip to London and Dublin, as well as hopefully reporting on my trip to Israel.
  • On a related note, I move into my apartment right after I get back from Israel, so there may be a slight break in posting. I have posts up until the sixth of June, when I should be back, but I may spend some time in New York, and, well, we’ll see how everything comes together. If I have time I’ll prep some more posts for perhaps another week. After I get moved in though, I have lots of goodies on the way.
  • The Newport-Bermuda Race starts June 20th, and in honor of the race I’m going to put up a fairly lengthly post on the drink that will be downed in absurd quantities at regatta parties: the dark and stormy. I hope to post some thoughts on the drink, and, in a perfect world, I would like to elevate the drink using some molecular mixology techniques…Here’s to hoping on that score.
  • My batch of falernum is finished, and, while I put my cider infused vodka on hold until my trip is done, it’s currently a gorgeous golden color, and I can’t wait to get back and finish it up.
  • I am also going to try an experiment with among other things vanilla rum, and, hopefully start on a faux-aged spiced rum. If I can really get a nice rum based on a handle of something fairly cheap, infused to specifications, it could really open up making drinks. Well…I’ll post on this later.

Will there be more? Of course there will. I hope this glimpse has given you an idea of what you can expect this month, as well as get you intrigued, and maybe spark some ideas for all of you.
Safe travels,
The Scribe

A Look Forward

Good afternoon everyone. Here in Boston it’s a balmy 72 and sunny. I just thought I’d post some things that all my readers (both of you) can look forward to in the coming month:

  • I drank a lot of booze yesterday, and wrote reviews on the first three tastings: Woodchuck’s granny smith cider, which I’ve posted, as well as Woodstock Inn’s Pemi Pale Ale (a preview: it’s really good), and Bogle’s limited reserve vintage 2000 port (also good!). I also got a bottle of nice rum (Ron Pampero Aniversario), and another of bourbon (Bulleit), and so much more. Those reviews will be trickling out.
  • I also got a bottle of Smirnoff for my guests, who luckily had better taste than I gave them credit for, so I have over two thirds of it left. Now…What to do with the remains? How about an infusion? I also picked up a bottle of Wray and Nephew Overproof for the same purpose. I’m starting out ambitiously with the apple cider vodka suggested by the “mad scienceticians” over at Infusions of Grandeur which unfortunately appears to be defunct. I’ll add my own twists, but I’m hoping it will be good. I’ll also be starting on the Falernum recipe suggested by Paul of The Cocktail Chronicles, and we’ll see how that comes out.
  • Mixology Monday is in two days, and the subject is one near and dear to my heart: rum. I have a pretty interesting idea for that, which I’ll whip up this weekend to give a try to. It’s somewhat traditional, but has a really good twist that I haven’t seen before. It’ll also give all of you an insight into my feelings on cocktails. Should be interesting.
  • Some party and bar reviews will also be appearing, as well as brewery, distillery, and winery tours. I had the good fortune to spend St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin this year, and we visited some of the old bars in Dublin. I also got to the St. Jame’s Gate Brewery and the Old Jameson Distillery while I was there.
  • In addition, I’m traveling after the end of school. I’m hitting up New York and Israel. Currently our trip includes a visit to the Barkan vineyard, which should be fun. When I get back, I’ll be moving into new digs with a decent kitchen, for lots of more interesting goodness. If I drop off the face of the earth until mid-June, that’s why, but I’ll try to post a bit while I’m gone.

If you have any other thoughts about things you might like to see, let me know. All the best.
The Scribe

Welcome to A Dram of Brine

Welcome to my blog. You may be asking what is “A Dram of Brine?”

The scientific answer is that it’s an eighth of a fluid ounce of saturated saline (that’s about 3.70 mL in the US and 3.55 mL for our friends across the pond). Of course, I use it a bit more figuratively. A dram is a small amount of liquid, usually one containing that most pleasant chemical additive: ethanol or potable alcohol. Brine is but another word for seawater. Thus “A Dram of Brine” is my slightly salty journey through the world of spirits and cocktails. This will serve as my home base and the locale to which I will post my reviews of spirits, my cocktail creations, and my experiments.

As the tone of that last paragraph suggests, I am a scientific type. I like to understand the wherefores a whatfors of food and drink. As such I will occasionally dabble in such subjects as home brewing, home distilling, infused and spiced spirits and molecular mixology. On that note, I wish myself a happy twenty first birthday, and a happy entry into this brave new world of intoxication.

Thus I remain, your servant,
The Scribe

PS: If you are reading this now, A Dram of Brine became A Mixed Dram when it moved to WordPress.