I Love Mail!

Like everyone else, I love getting packages, and today, I got two wonderful ones:

  • One package was from an outfit called Spirit Sippers out of Washington, D.C. They contacted a bunch of people who hang out at the Ministry of Rum to try out their new rum tasting glass, the Flair. I was lucky enough to be sent one to review. You can see the preliminary review here, but I will be posting an in depth review here some time next month. When I mentioned to them that I also drank a wide variety of whiskys and fortified wines, as well as the occasional brandy, they asked me to review the rest of their line up, and today it arrived. In addition to the Flair, I got the Glencairn for old world whiskys, the Wide Mouth (a larger snifter) for American whisky, and the Tulip for Tequila. I personally really like the Flare, but the Glencairn is the most elegant, and I’m super excited.
  • The Munat brothers, aka Mssrs. Mixeur, put together what they humbly called a packet, but is really more of a book called Left Coast Libations. Libations is a compilation, as the name suggests of mixed drinks from the Left Coast. It’s contributors list reads like a who’s who of the cocktail blogosphere: Robert Hess, Paul Clarke, Jamie Bourdreau, the Munat Brothers, I coud go on. 27 contributors, 68 recipes and dozens of ingredients, including Amer Budreau, Limoncello, bacon fat washed bourbon, syrups, infusions, gastriques, shrubs, sugars, the list goes on. They handed it out free at Tales, and they were generous enough to send a copy to me as well. It’s all in promotion of their new cocktail database, Imbiblia.com. It’s not up yet, but be sure to check it out once it is.

Keep on drinking,
The Scribe